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Property Maintenance Wellington

Property Maintenance

As a qualified and experienced builder and Quantity Surveyor, you’ll not only get top quality workmanship and a faster finish on all your property maintenance jobs, you can also expect high-quality workmanship, attention to detail, quick response times, and trust and peace of mind that your property is being taken care of by a professional.
Project Management services Wellington

Project Management

No project is too big, or too small - with Rohel’s experience and qualifications, either he will do it all, from conception to completion, or he will know the absolute best contractors suited to your project, and can liaise with them on your behalf.
As a qualified Quantity Surveyor, Rohel can even help with the development of architectural drawings and more.
new builds Wellington

New Builds

From drawing up plans for a brand-new property, to making sure you get the most for your money whilst making changes to your existing home, Rohel has you covered from start to finish. His years of expertise means he’ll do all the heavy lifting for you, including either completing the building work himself or, if necessary, obtaining quotes from, and hiring and managing, other tradespeople for your project.
If you’re in the market for a New Build or House Renovation, Rohel has the know-how to make it happen for you, with the absolute minimum of fuss, and to budget.
kitchen renovation Wellington

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen and bathroom form integral parts of the home and, if they are not built or renovated correctly, you could face disastrous, long-lasting consequences, such as leaks causing wood rot, and more.
Give Rohel a call if you’re looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom. Not only is he a qualified, and trusted professional, he is an expert in kitchen and bathroom renovations projects, completing them himself from start to finish, so you know you’ll be in safe hands.

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